The app that helps you tackle burnout

BOA features

Discover the main features of this great app.
(Available for iOS & Android)

Prevention and curation

Evidence based aid

Personalized app with progress feedback

Risk assessment and long-term follow up

Different treatment modules


Why it's different

BOA is the first burnout app that adds to existing instruments by:

  • Moving beyond risk assessment and offering actual treatment modules
  • A strong evidence based makeup (BOA is presented as state of the art app at international conferences e.g. The European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies congress The Hague September 2014)
  • Possibilities to implement it at company level with performance reports at an aggregated level
  • Suitable for combination with an employee assistance program (EAP)
  • In line with company responsibilities (wellbeing at work)
  • Easy to use app without oversimplification (e.g. no planning tool)

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